Valgesta Energía is a consulting company highly specialized in the field of energy with emphasis on the electricity market.

Since the year 2000, Valgesta Energía has advised large private companies as well as renowned international organizations and various government entities.

Since the beginning Ramón Galaz, founder of Valgesta Energía, made a difference in the market by installing cutting-edge issues in the development of the Chilean electricity sector, such as, the promotion of renewable energies through relevant amendments to the existing legal framework. Since then, Valgesta Energía has been a key player in the National Electricity Market, actively participating in the modification of the Chilean Electricity Law in such important aspects as the integration of non-conventional renewable energy, interconnection of electrical systems, improvements in the bidding mechanisms of the distribution companies and, ultimately, in changing the regulatory framework for transmission systems. He has also been a pioneer in matters as important as new structures for energy commercialization and implementation of innovative business models within the sector.

Over time, Valgesta Energía has differentiated itself by its innovative and technical approach in delivering its services. Valgesta has also maintain full independence, which has allowed him to carry out their work in a transparent way, avoiding conflicts of interest.

Our Mission: “Provide our customers highly specialized professional services that add value to the development and management of its business” has enabled us to create bonds of cooperation and trust that sustained our growth over time.